Silicone Lid - Multicolor - Set of 3 Environment

Silicone Lid - Multicolor - Set of 3

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Gorgeous and colorful silicone lids for our melamine cups. When you bring a cup of iced coffee or lemonade on the move, it's obvious to use these lids to avoid spill and stains. The lids are lavender, pink and soft green but they're available in other funky colors as well. You just have to pick the color you think matches your cup the best.
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Well, it is practical... not only your iced coffee is safe in the cup with this silicone lid, but also your juice, lemonade, water or whatever is safely contained... and in addition to avoiding spills and spotty stains, the lid also keeps any insects out of your drinks. The beautiul lids are available in several colors so remember to check out the entire selection... and the selection of large cups that fits the lids. Then it's up to you to choose your own personal favorite combination.

At RICE, we focus on food safety and sustainability, and our silicone is of the highest quality, reusable and free of bisphenol A and phthalates - and then you can put the lid in the dishwasher… You can always find more information about our plastics and other materials at "Experience RICE" and "Product Information".

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Height 2.5
Diameter 9.5
Material Silicone
Food safe
BPA free
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe
Freezer safe